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PVC Flooring Sheet
PVC Flooring Sheet
PVC Flooring Sheet
PVC Flooring Sheet

PVC Flooring Sheet

Brand :
3000 Square Meters
Shanghai or Ningbo
Payment Terms:
Supply Ability:
3000000 Square Meters / Month


Product Name: PVC Flooring Sheet

Thickness: 0.10MM-0.3MM

Product Features:

* The product has the characteristics of bright color, light weight, high tensile strength, waterproof, aging resistance and long-lasting color fastness. There are dozens of surface patterns for customers to choose, and have matte, high-gloss, linen pattern, net patterns, etc. A variety of surface effects are available for selection.

* Flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and other additives can be added according to the specific requirements of customers to achieve better results.

* The construction is fast and the effect is perfect. It is suitable for interior decoration of hotels, shopping malls, offices and homes. It is the new trend of interior decoration materials in the new century!

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