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Decoration Materials

Roller blinds fabrics are commonly used as window coverings in people's homes.  They can function to block light from the window, to cover it for privacy, or simply as decorations. Our offerings cover diverse curtain fabrics, like blackout fiberglass curtain fabrics, Different openness sunscreen fabrics, vertical blinds, polyester fabrics, etc.

1.Fiberglass curtain fabric

Fiberglass curtain fabric is a new type of high-grade fabric developed in the curtain industry. It is made of high quality foreign fiberglass and environmentally-friendly PVC treated with special technology, achieving RoHS environmental standards. It can still maintain good ductility and recoverability under the recommended ambient temperature. 100% full shading not only protects privacy, but also has heat insulation effect, creating a comfortable office and home environment for the end customers.

2.Sunscreen Fabric

Sunscreen fabric is a type of fabric that is specifically designed to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun.

It is preferred in places where the sunlight is needed for lighting and heating intensively in places which distinguish the exterior and the interior areas from each other but does not restrict the field of vision.

It has a transparent structure and never dims the place 100%. Because of the types, colors and thicknesses of the fabric with semi-sun-breaker properties, it offers unlimited preference for your choice of fabrics for your setting. The available openness factor is 1%/3%/5%/10%.

3.Curtain Fabric Specifications

ItemProduct NameCompositionThickness
UND-W001--UND-W004 Fiberglass Curtain Fabric3 PLY PVC, 1 PLY Fiberglass Fabric0.30MM
UND-W005--UND-W008 Fiberglass Curtain Fabric3 PLY PVC, 1 PLY Fiberglass Fabric0.38MM
UND-W010--UND-W011 Polyester Curtain Fabric3 PLY PVC, 1 PLY Polyester Fabric0.30MM--0.35MM
UTM-W013--UND-W016Striped Awning  Fabric2 PLY PVC, 1 PLY Polyester Fabric0.38MM
UND-W017--UND-W020 9oz Sunscreen Mesh FabricPVC + Polyester0.38MM
UND-W0275% Openness Sunscreen Mesh FabricPVC + Polyester0.75MM

4.In the manufacturing process of curtain fabrics, various machines are employed for different fabric specifications:

- Calendering Machine:  Transforms PVC raw material into paste and calenders it into different thicknesses of PVC film using a roller system. The film is bonded to polyester backing and finished with gloss, matte, or embossed textures.

- Cold Lamination Machine:  Used for laminating PVC films onto polyester fabric quickly and cost-effectively, often for lower-priced products.

- Hot Lamination Machine:  Advanced version of cold lamination, offering higher quality and durability. It can apply acrylic coatings for self-cleaning and enhance adhesion for semi-coated PVC tarpaulin.

- Semi-Coated Machine: Its primary task is to bond two or more different materials together through coating or adhesive, creating a composite material. This can provide enhanced strength, waterproofing, and other performance characteristics.

- Coating Machine: Primary function is to evenly apply liquid or powder materials onto the surface of a substrate to create a uniform coating, thereby enhancing the material's performance and appearance.