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Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door
Fast Shutter Door

Fast Shutter Door

Brand :
5000 Square Meters
Shanghai or Ningbo
Payment Terms:
Supply Ability:
3000000 Square Meters / Month


Product Name: Fast Shutter Door

Product Specification: 1000*1000D/20*20; 1000*1000D/23*23; 1000*1000D/30*30, etc.

Weight (GSM): 900G, 1050G, 1300G, etc.

Product Features:

* Good Physical and Mechanical Properties: The base fabric is woven with high-strength and low-shrinkage industrial polyester yarn. The service life is over 10 years, and the product can still maintain 75% tensile strength.

* Good Self-Cleaning, Anti-Mildew and Anti-Ultraviolet: The product is added with biological anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent and other additives. The product can be surface treated by PVDF or acrylic according to customer's requirements, and has good anti-pollution property.

* A Wide Variety of Colors: In addition to the conventional white, it can also produce red, gray, blue and other colors to meet the needs of different occasions.

* Excellent Flame Retardant Performance: According to the special needs of customers and application sites, it can reach China B1 standard or European M2 standard.

* Good Welding Performance: In addition to the PVDF surface treatment products need to be welded by grinding; all other products have very good welding performance.

Application: Our products are used for fast shutter door, high speed roll-up doors, etc.

Weight900GSM26.5 OZ/SQ.YD1100GSM32 OZ/SQ.YD
Tensile Strength4300/3800 (N/5CM)460/450 LBS/IN4300/3800 (N/5CM)460/450 LBS/IN
Tearing Strength530/480 (N/5CM)150*140 LBS530/480 (N/5CM)150*140 LBS
Adhesion (N)100 (N/5CM)10 LBS/IN100 (N/5CM)10 LBS/IN
FR Certification (Optional)NFPA-701
UV ResistanceGood
Cold Crack-30ºC
Width (M)UP TO 320CM / UP TO 126INCH
Roll Length50-100 MTS (YDS)

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