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PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film
PVC Ceiling Film

PVC Ceiling Film

Brand :
3000 Square Meters
Shanghai or Ningbo
Payment Terms:
Supply Ability:
3000000 Square Meters / Month


Product Name: PVC Ceiling Film

Specification: 1.0M-5.1M

Thickness: 0.18MM

Product Features:

* Hundreds of colors and types to choose from:

translucent surface ceiling, ceiling light surface, matte surface smallpox, smallpox matte surface, embossed surface ceiling, and dual ceiling film stickers and so on.

* Environmental Protection and Safety:

The product is fully compliant with European, North American and domestic testing standards. It is made of environmentally friendly raw materials and contains no harmful metal substances such as cadmium and can be recycled 100%. In the process of manufacturing, transportation, installation, use and recycling, there will be no impact on the environment, which is in full compliance with the environmental protection theme of todays society.

* Antibacterial and Mildew Proof:

After antibacterial treatment, the PVC ceiling film can resist and prevent microorganisms (such as general mold) from growing on the surface of the object, which provides an extra guarantee for the average user.

* Fire Proof Function:

UNEED ceiling film has met the fire protection standards of many countries: British BSSTANDARD476 PART7 CLASS IY, American ASTM, European M1 and national standard CODE NO: 2000 1132 (domestic fire protection standard is B1).

* Random Shape and Diverse Patterns:

PVC ceiling film is free in shape, and it can easily complete large-area modeling, and has limited limitations; the color pattern can be changed at will, which can greatly improve the decorative nature of the product and meet the requirements of light transmission.

* Easy to Install:

The installation is very convenient. During the installation process, there will be no solvent evaporation, no dust, no influence on other furnishings in the space, and no abnormal production work and life order. The installation of the soft film ceiling is carefully measured in the field. After cutting, it is assembled by high-frequency welding, and the whole part is installed. The surrounding area is evenly stressed, and the corners are closed and sealed. There is no need to carry out the surface treatment at the later stage, so there is no problem of discoloration and falling off.

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