How to Maintain PVC Tarpaulin to Use for a Longer Time?

Any item needs good maintenance, in order to use longer time, PVC tarpaulin is of course no exception. So, how to maintain PVC tarpaulin to use for a longer time? The following points are tips to extend the service life of tarpaulin.

Point 1: Master the correct folding and packaging skills of tarpaulin.

First spread the cover flat, and make face up, and then fold the longer sides towards the middle of the cover. Next, Divide the folded parts into three equal parts and fold them twice in a row toward the middle. Then, fold the two sides of the cover from the other side to the center, then fold them in half to the center line three times, and finally step on. Finally, tie up with the rope, tie both sides into a cross shape, and tie firmly and tightly.

Point 2: Keep the tarpaulin dry. Hang up the tarpaulin to air dry after using. If you find that the tarpaulin is dirty, you should gently scrub with water, and do not use any chemical added detergent, also do not scrub, in order to prevent damage to the waterproof film on the surface of the fabric, thus affect the waterproof function of the tarpaulin.

Point3: When using the tarpaulin, do not tread directly in shoes, which may destroy the strength of the tarpaulin.1

Post time: Apr-06-2021