What Conditions Should High Quality PVC Tarpaulin Have?

After the continuous improvement of the modern production process, the performance of the tarpaulin has been constantly developed. On the basis of the traditional tarpaulin, more and more high-quality PVC tarpaulin has been produced. So what conditions should high quality PVC tarpaulin have?

1. The current high quality tarpaulin is made of propylene as the main raw material, and its performance is greatly improved. It is widely used in building outdoor tents, carports and so on.

2. It has stronger puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-aging performance.

3. It can be recycled, more green environmental protection.

4. On the basis of good waterproof effect, it also has good heat absorption function. If you stand under a tarp and feel the sun shining directly into your eyes, it means that the sun and rain protection are not effective.

5. High quality tarpaulin has high density, good strength, smooth and soft appearance, and comfortable tactile feeling when touching by hand.


Post time: Feb-25-2021