PVC ceiling film

PVC ceiling film

  1. Detailed information

Product Name: PVC ceiling film
Specifications: 1.00M-5.1M
Thickness: 0.18MM
Features: UND’s PVC ceiling films have hundreds of colors,and there are many surface embossings for you to choose, such as glossy,matte,and so on.

Environmental safety:
The products passed the test of European, North American and domestic standards, which consists of environmentally friendly raw materials, does not contain cadmium and other harmful metals, can be 100% recycled in the manufacturing, transportation, installation area.The products are in full compliance with the environmental theme in today's society.
Anti-sepsis: After antibacterial treatment,the products can resist and prevent microbial (such as general hair molds) growing in the surface of the object,which provide an additional safeguard for the users.
Fire safety features:
UND PVC ceiling film has met several national fire standards. English BSSTANDARD476 PART7 CLASS IY, American ASTM, European M1 and GB CODE NO: 2000 1132 (domestic fire safety standards for the B1 level).
Arbitrary shape, pattern and diverse:
It is convenient for the users to complete a large area of modeling, and colorful pattern can greatly improve the product's decorative, while meeting the requirements of light.
Easy to install:
Very easy to install, no solvent evaporation, no dust, no other furnishings within the space of an impact, no affect on the normal production and living order. The PVC ceiling films are  carefully measured,

high-frequency welded after cutting block, without the need for post-processing surface again, so no bleaching off and other issues.
UND’s PVC ceiling film exported to Europe, North America, Middle East and other countries! Welcome customers to visit our company and negotiate! Thank you!