Fiber glass projection fabric

Fiber Glass Projection Fabric

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Matte white Fiber Glass Projection Fabric(Fiber Glass Projection Fabric)


Introduction: It is made of three layers, that is, high flame resisting black & white PVC with a high-strength and low-contractibility fiber glass base fabric which can enhance the hardness between them. After being treated by special technologies, all the PVC materials are free from extraneous odour. The fabric is in accordance with RoHS standard and its thickness is 0.42mm. Within the recommanded working temperature range, the fabric can keep its recommanded excellent flexibility and resiliency

Recommended working temperature:-15℃-+45℃

Width: 1.85m/2.15M/2.50M/3.05M/3.2m

Function: Motorized Screen, Manual Screen, Tripod Screen, Floor Standing Screen, etc.

Function: The high brightness and well-distributed light intensity do eyes protection good. The colour is vivid and the fabric surface is cleanable. The view angle is 100 (L&R 55 ) and the gain is 1.0. The flame resistance is in accordance with GB17591-2006 B2, STC and Europe M2. The fabric is anti-static and anti-mildew. The fabric stretches vertically and has no turned edge or lines made by folding. Besides, the fabric will not turn yellow.