Weaving entrant sound projection fabric

​Weaving Entrant Sound Projection Fabric

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Weaving Entrant Sound Projection Fabric


Introduction: Everyone in the cinema when you can walk past attention - adopted under the projection screen, projection screen surface, there are many of these holes, which is acoustically transparent screen. Projection behind the side speakers (speakers ideal placement of the screen, the sound through the curtain to allow the center speaker placed behind the screen) through the sound coming out of these holes, but the size of these holes and do to just display the picture quality will not cause significant impact, so that perfect blend of image and sound, this is the best way to watch movies. Acoustically transparent screen is divided into two kinds of woven and perforated, woven curtain can get excellent sound performance, acoustically transparent screen perforated type are more prone than the braided fringes (Moore stripes).

Recommanded working temperature:-20℃-+40℃

Width: 2 m/2.5m/3.2m

Application: Motorized Screen, Fixed Frame Screen, Auto-masking Fixed Frame Screen, Tensioned Motorized Screen, etc.

Function: The high brightness and well-distributed light intensity do eyes protection good. The colour is vivid and the fabric surface is cleanable. The view angle is 100 (L&R 55 ) and the gain is 1.0. The flame resistance is in accordance with GB17591-2006 B2, STC and Europe M2. The fabric is anti-static and anti-mildew. The fabric stretches vertically and has no turned edge or lines made by folding. Besides, the fabric will not turn yellow.