Rear projection film

Rear Projection Film

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Rear Projection Fabric(Rear Projection Film)


Introduction: It is made of single-layer PVC improved by special technologies and surface treatment, which can greatly reduce the reflection of the light, thus light transmittance of the fabric is significantly improved. After being treated by special technologies, all the PVC materials are free from extraneous odour and colour change.

Recommanded working temperature:-20℃-+40℃


Application: Quick Fold Screen, Fixed Frame Screen, Auto-masking Fixed Frame Screen, Tensioned Motorized Screen, etc.

Function: It has good brightness and visual effect. The naturalness, clearness and the softness of the image do eyes protection good. The surface can be cleaned and the fabric is anti-mildew and anti-static. The view angle is 60 (L&R 30 ) and the gain is 1.8. The flame resistance is in accordance with GB17591-2006 B2. The fabric stretches vertically and has no turned edge or lines made by folding. Besides, the fabric will not turn yellow.